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Delivering Outstanding Emergency Roofing Services in Georgia

Whenever you experience unexpected roofing problems, turn to 1 Source Roofing and Restoration. Our team makes sure that we address our clients’ problems with our roof repair and replacement solutions.

Water leaks

From leaking faucets to burst pipes and flooding, water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. If not taken care of immediately, excess water in your home can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your home's structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold. When the worst happens, call the experts at 1Source Roofing and Restoration, Inc. Our trained mitigation experts will bring relief to any disaster.

Storm Damage

Large storms frequent the Atlanta area accompanied by high wind and hail. Our team has the training and skill necessary to recover damages caused by these events. We continue to address our clients individual needs with our Insurance recovery expertise and roof replacement services.


1 Source Roofing and Restoration provides advanced experience in the field of smoke damage removal from the interior surfaces of your home. We ensure maximum results by employing a combination of techniques that work to eliminate odor causing pollutants around the burn area by implementing the latest technology and equipment available to repair smoke damaged property.

Tree Removal

Whether looking to remove trees from your property as preventive maintenance, or off your home in the case of a downed tree, our tree services are among the top in the Atlanta area. A trained professional arborist will walk you through what you need to get your job done when you call us for a free estimate.

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